Where the Islands are born?

There is such place.

In there and there, and in fact there, and between there and here, is a piece of everywhere. Yup, it is a bit complicated, but try it. Try to imagine… a place, which none cares about. Untouched. Simple and complicated, secret and so open. Well those are maybe only bulbs on the fields, hairy in the woods, or only tiny burials, keeping tiny dragons inside. Pieces of land which are filled with thoughts, legends and feelings. Ready to love… and to be loved. Winds sing them lullabies and bring more stories. Rains feed them, not only let them drink, and dark sky hugs them for a good night…


They change future into past.

There is such place, I strongly believe in it, because there is one Island which loves me, and which I love too, of course… and she had to be born there!!! Just had to!!! But how to paint it out? This painting is still here, next to me, and I can not finish it, there is something missing… so maybe there is something missing inside of me too?


PS. Oh yes, of course I started to gather Christmas/Jule cards… can not show you them, because wanna keep it in secret, but still… here is something to make you think more and more. Check Sandra’s page!!! She is just amazing! Wild and savage, true and rich… like my soul. Used Etsy!


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