Milky ways

I have a dream. A dream about my own small home, with a huge window… okay, maybe big not huge, I do know how storms can look like, so big is enough. Sooo… home with a view to the seaside. To the sea. To those waves, sky, and all those things going on there, because the sea is complicated. Can be stronger, more Conan the Barbarian like or soft and ethereal. Like now…

Imagine soft mist above rather calm waves. See it? Now add a marshmallow floating on a bowl of soft, vanilla milk… got it? So yeah… this is my Island.




It is not often, so “weird” is a good word. This everything looks like a warm vanilla milk floating a marshmallow. Granite one. My Island. Those milky waves softly wash the rocks, sand, harbors and cliffs. Softly, but on and on. But it is not enough. All this softness is like lighten up from the bottom. Maybe krakens again have some awesome autumnal party? And they did not invite me?

How rude?!!! Nej, can’t be this, they always invite me! Great parties, I mean really! Unable to forget any of them! LOL

Or maybe Milky Way just has few holes? You know, or spill a little? Because it is like milk. Totally!!!


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