Little things

I love post.

Writing letters, cards, choosing them, thinking who would love what, should it be a photo or a drawing… and small things putting into envelops. Bigger packages. Oh my, I love sending them!


And finding small things…

… matching them to people, personalities, hobbies. Just because I care? Or maybe it is my private OCD? Or maybe because I love little things. And memories surrounded around them. Like this pencil. Simple, black, with few runes on it and a tiny silver helmet in the top… viking one!

I noticed that I fell uncomfortable with expensive stuff, and sorry but it is so ugly! Sorry, but look at those bags with fancy labels! Geee… because of my little anthropo-archeological experiment, I do not recognize the labels. So if you try to impress me with your big watch, well… I see only a watch, ugly, goldish, and weird… it scares me, go away! I mean it! Stop flashing me with that fake crystals!

I am swimming, in my mind, in all those ancient symbols and still… when I look at this modern world, I see nothing. No tags, no labels. I got no idea what all those logos mean. Nope, nothing. Prices? No idea… I am a little thing. And I love little things. They are easier to hide, and easier to loose, so… after you cry not so little tears, you just find new little things. Little…

Life is a little thing. Precious and easy to loose… but still, sometimes you can find it back. Just if you need to, you can. But when it comes to canvas… well I love them huge! I love them splashy! I love them big, but not enormous.



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