Paint less…

I do paint less.

Somehow recently photography is much more important. Makes me spend so much time with a camera, that I have no enough power to hold my brush… but I need to paint. I need it. There is a part of me drying out, shivering… oh yes, of course I am into loosing few pounds, but not there!!! LOL


I need my brushes, paint, I need to get dirty… I have ideas, visions, legends to paint out from myself… but when?

What if the answer is never? Maybe it ended? But… really? Or maybe like most of people, I just switched? Or maybe the great come back is just around the corner?


Does it really matter how you express your arty side? Are photographers less than painters? Or maybe less than those carving stones? Or maybe there is no difference. There is only this need to take this out from my inside… my soul. Just to take it out, and of course make place for some new. Because there is that see bubbling inside of me, sprouting and making tiny bubbles which just got to go out and burst into something… something maybe explainable only for me, but still…

But why outside? Why do we need to express this into a visible or hearable form? Why? To be pat on shoulders? Or maybe there is something unexplained?


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