Soooo yellow…

I mean really.

I keep seeing yellow or yellow with some red also called orange! I keep seeing it everywhere and I do not mean leaves. I mean nope. Not flowers too. Somehow my poor Island is still struggling with drought so… nope. Not fancy jackets or newest models of some fancy, expensive bags, nope…




See, because my Island is here in the middle of the Baltic Sea some of the birds flying to the south, just stop here. They stop here really tired, just to rest, just to gather some strength and fat. Just to look around maybe too… just to have a nap. Just to wander around, maybe have ice cream or a chocolate? One of them is amazingly colorful fuglekong! In Poland this bird is called mysikrólik zwyczajny… weird thing, here a king, there just mousy-rabbit? LOL

Can you see him? And his yellow stripe on the top of a tiny head? So precious! Such a little one, but so strong. Amazing metaphor of life.


And you know what, I found a whole tribe of those.

Must say mine birds were really crazy, and not easy to catch. I mean catch with a camera of course! We were informed that if we find one, one very tired and on the ground we should take him, feed with butter or nutella and then let him go.

Nice diet, right? LOL


More yellow?

Of course in my garden. FOUR robins! I mean four!!! So how can I stop thinking about yellow. In yellow even… I got to paint something in yellow. Just got to. There is a weird need in me, a very weird need.

Very… oh stop looking at me like that, just stop! I know humans are weird. Nope, thank you, no worms for me. But thank you!


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