When I am sleeping…

Even when it is a nightmare, I love it!

Even wen I am so scared that I… get wet, still it was wort it because dreaming is the best. Awesome and amazing. It is all included, all can happen, and my body… well my body reacts like when I have my eyes open.


For me sleep is the most amazing fun and time to heal but also a time for adventures and… oh my, sometimes I think that I could just stay in my bed forever. Just because dreams live there, and they let me to join them. It is like the most amazing experience… simple dreaming. Simple sleep.

Nowadays people do not appreciate sleep. They choose to have their phones next to them, to get up at night and even check Facebook! Are you kidding me? Why? What for? Why you do not let your brain have this awesome time to clean up. To put every thought into a right drawer? Why? Why now it is so not fancy to sleep. Sleep enough, in a fresh bed and of course without blimping things around?

I am old enough to remember those days when we had time to work, time to sleep and time to have fun. maybe not much, but yup, we did. And then we were informed that technique and all modern things will improve our lives and of course we will have more time for fun… well, they lied!!! So nope, I trust no one. I trust my dream which let me be a unicorn or gather electric torches from a river, deep into a sandy hole… yeah, and then there was a detective.. Yeah. How awesome is dreaming, and that thing, that even weird stuff is, when dreaming, very normal, regular and of course… logical!

Oh and I have my doggy in my dreams, and my home, dreamed home, and a brown bear riding a bicycle!!! FOR FREE.


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