Sooo… a trip. Short one, because as usual it is more like work than vacations and of course for me to travel is being heavily medicated, so… but this is Odense. A real city, real museum, real… Hans Christian Andersen.

Or more like his past, life, his amazing books, stories, paperworks… oh yes, here they are everywhere. Papercuts, or more like little theaters. Drawings and books from all over the world. This place is huge… but when it comes to a museum, a bit boring. How many paper sheets can you see? And that dentures?

I mean really?

Of course it is an amazing building, and rich and complex, but I can not feel HIM there. I can see faces, ready phrases, can see pens, ink, but still… to loud, to fancy, to not like I feel when think about HIS writing.

IMG_9207 (2)

But here I am… standing where he stood… and looking at all those little cottages. The outside of the museum rocks. Tiny cottages, colors, this silence and whispers… I need to write something, just have too!!! Finally I found HIM.


Because it is not the museum, even the most perfect, to feel HIS spirit, but the surroundings. Not furniture, but… rocks, air, people…


Visit the HCA Museum. Really. See it inside, get a bit bored even, play with paper and scissors, light and darkness, and then come out! I think it is like reading historical books, being fond of it, and then suddenly touching the history…

Meet a little girl with matches, find that prince, ugly duckling… most of people can not see them, but I bet You will. Meet an artist, a human, find his ghost watching us and laughing. In Odense he is everywhere…


Even if you can not see HIM in fact… he is…


Amazing place! Worth every crown! LOL


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