… just lost.

I have no idea where I am now…


All I know… there is a huge wavy surface almost in front of me. I get the name of this place, but it is my first time, so I feel weird here and lost. It is not my path, not my beach, not even my sea…

I am not good in traveling. Okay, I am lousy in traveling. It is a pure nightmare, but then… there are all those places which I wanna touch all those graves, stones, monuments. All those dead people… Oh yes, maybe that is a reason?


I sit here, on a huge pile of sand, in a lovely summer cottage and listen to the sea. Heavy rain just moved me from graves of unknown vikings back here and…

… I feel lost.

Season, also called summer here, has ended. Autumn is not even recognizable. The grey thingy here called the sky is so heavy and so near, that I could grab my spoon and eat it. Maybe I will try some?


Greetings from Igotnoideawhere!!! LOL


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