Don’t teach me!

I mean really, just shut up.

If I wanna know something I will hit books, or ask master of this kind of knowledge, not you. Just don’t. Respect my will. Oh, of course I am old enough to know that whole life is a huge lesson. I am drinking from that fountain of knowledge, but there are also things I do not wanna know…


Because I wanna still believe in magic, and that people can be good. Yeah, I am that crazy. I can do so much, and I know so much, that… suddenly I am over, done disc is full! Most of knowledge you wanna put in me, most of those words is just… trash and bullshit. I believe in common sense. I have a working brain and books… but also, I do not wanna know how people create art because, I wanna believe it is magic. Yeah! That is so weird, right? Or maybe this is just simple and discovering stuff by myself is such freaking joy, that I wanna feel it?

How can it hurt you, how can it affect you?


Nowadays everyone wanna teach me (in fact knowing nothing about me) about world, inform me about newest disasters… like I was a balloon ready to be stuffed with all those information… you know what balloons do – and sorry, but they scare me – they blow… Hate that sound.

We live in internet, in fact we are internet and somehow people are only ready to stuff others with the same bullshit about food, politics or disasters. And cats, yeah, I am not into cats either… But still… how it will help Italy that I will know how many people died? Did you even asked me if this information could hurt me? What if I say yes… what if my condition, this that I have no TV could be a little tip, would double, triple, and will put me under my blanket. Scarred to even breath?

And what about you? You live in USA or part of EU so far away from that amazing country… what will you do for Italy? Go there and help them? Will you? If not… stop it. You are creating some kind of misery around yourself, waiting for people telling you: oh, so sorry you feel that! Oh my, you are so fragile and sympathize for them. You are so good… Yeah, you are waiting for those words, don’t you? You do it to feel better. It is nasty! Maybe you will change your profile picture even… oh my, that is so posh!!! But did you know same happened in Burma too. Nope, really? Yeah, better to be hurt by something that did not even affected you, right? But you choose those disasters. Which one will look better on your profile picture?

I am enough!

Enough of this weird knowledge. I wanna know which herbs can help, how to fight cancer, how to live a good live, how to help, how to make someone smile… how to morn those who were close to me. I am working on symbolism of bronze age, but did you know that? Why you all are so ready to tell me – inform me in fact – about things I KNOW!!! Or are so obvious, that all I wanna is to scream… Why you all think you can be teachers? Why I can not just leave it… not think about it, why the fuck am I such an easy target?

My fault, right?

PS. Recently someone tried to teach me how rude I am, because I love winter. How not fair is it for everybody… WTF? How can you write to someone and tell him or her, that there is no reason to have… an opinion. Maybe because there is no freedom? No more?


No freedom to think?


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