Two steps, one step…

Just a step, okay, maybe two steps to autumn! YAY!!!

I can not wait! Those colors, amazing feeling in the air, this aroma of leaves, apples and other fruits.

I can not wait.

Of course I love winter the most, but still… autumn is this amber light, all those colors, leaves, and mushrooms. Berries and feathers.


I can not wait!!!

I sit on my doorstep and just wait. With my camera of course. I am ready… Come on!!! Okay, I need to pee, but I am ready and waiting! Wait, I forgot my camera, wait, do not come this moment, wait… LOL

Yup, this is me. Now. Because here this light, autumn in this barocco style is short. Too short, and I would be very disappointed if not caught it.

So… I am waiting. On my doorstep for you AUTUMN!!!


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