The sea is…



Or maybe just wild and dangerous? Colorful or maybe something secret, something… impossible even? Something giving, but always taking back too… or maybe something mythical?



Okay, I get it, some people prefer mountains. I admire them, I get a bit scared by them. No idea why, but I do. Still, the sea is… different. Somehow it has mountains deep there, down there, it has meadows and streams, it has… everything. And it also… scares me. Because of all those possibilities. See, there can be everything, everything stunning and cute, but also scary and frightening. I have seen so many kinds of the sea. I mean really! Red one, light, white, grey and blue, greenish and turquoise. With stones and sand only… with shells and a bit more naked like, this hitting the boulders and this which just sings with stones. Small, colorful, amazing…

The sea… pure inspiration.


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