I don’t get dogs.

I get cats, they needed slaves, and humans work perfectly as ones, so they did it, simple… but dogs?

Do not mind me wrong. I love them, I melt when they pass me, I always say hello, but I do not get them. They are cute, furry, so adorable, brave and trustful, but still… I do not get them!!! Really. I just do not. They got four paws, adorable wet noses and those eyes, which can melt your heart, but still…


Why they hang with humans? Why?

How can they stand us? I mean really? Why they choose us?

I do know theories, as usual. Food, easier to get, easier to handle with, less fight, less wilderness. More girls, less competition.

But why?

They are so perfect, so sweet, and… and humans are not. Maybe this is the answer? The mighty one? Maybe?


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