Sooo… a trip. Short one, because as usual it is more like work than vacations and of course for me to travel is being heavily medicated, so… but this is Odense. A real city, real museum, real… Hans Christian Andersen. … Continue reading

The sea is…

Wet? Wavy? Or maybe just wild and dangerous? Colorful or maybe something secret, something… impossible even? Something giving, but always taking back too… or maybe something mythical? Or… Okay, I get it, some people prefer mountains. I admire them, I … Continue reading


Again! Oh, how I missed that wind!!! Those flying pots and disability to stand up. I mean really. This is the Windy! This mighty and strong, but also putting everything together so easily. The one who mixes, and refreshes. The … Continue reading


I don’t get dogs. I get cats, they needed slaves, and humans work perfectly as ones, so they did it, simple… but dogs? Do not mind me wrong. I love them, I melt when they pass me, I always say … Continue reading