I smell it…

I really do! Do you? I mean the past. Sitting here, writing, thinking about symbolism of the Bronze Age and suddenly… here it comes: special, a bit soft and light powdery aroma, sweet, but not annoying, bringing up memories of … Continue reading

Red sea

For the first time… I mean really like a virgin… I saw a red sea. Yeah, not that Red Sea, only my sea, my lovely, soft velvet sea… got red! Something between purple, rusty red and deep redness mixed together. … Continue reading


Sooo… do I PokemonGo? Well, I get it nobody believed me that I have no phone. Not even one person gets it, okay, got to be true if nobody believes in it, right? The world is always correct me never? … Continue reading


Of course we hear about them because of media. Of course they are so often. So many of them, everyday… Internet will inform you about every disaster, but still… it hurts so physical. Why do we feel sad when it … Continue reading


Waves of mood, waves of feelings… waves… and more waves. For the first time I was standing in the sea with huge waves. OMI I am still sore. But do not regret it. It was amazing. The sea was thick … Continue reading