Darling books… who would I be without you? Without those pages, stories, covers, words, creations, spirits, legends, letters, authors. I think there would be no me at all! I mean really1 I started reading when I was not out yet! … Continue reading


I like when it’s rainy. What I love the most about rain? Well, it cleans up everything, but not only the gorund and leaves, but also me. Walking in the rain is a simple happiness. And puddles! I love puddles! … Continue reading

Eat me!!!

Sooo… every time you post something tasty and awesome on social media here they are… joybreakers! Nasty people always ready to remind you that if you eat this you will be sick, ugly, dead or whatever… I do not know … Continue reading

Eau de Island

Well yes. I mean really my Island can smell wonderful most of the time: fresh air, flowers, rocks – yeah, they smell sweet too, leaves, trees, the sea and streams… But sometimes… yeah. Especially now, early spring brings us all … Continue reading