I’m so normal

Normality. Sorry darlings, but there is no one normality! There is biological one, and sociological, historical and… many more. Normality comes from place of birth and those who raised us, from pieces of world we touched and those which are … Continue reading


Since I was a kid I was fascinated by Native American’s culture, mythology and religion. And this amazing phrase: if you save someone you no are responsible for his life! Simple right? So what is all about these so called … Continue reading


It starts with late autumn, but the best is when early spring comes… laces. Leaves which changed into another pieces of art. See… for me leaves are art. First buds, then green, vibrant pieces with mystic lines of nerves, and … Continue reading


Like this stuff they put in our food, I am also made of E. E001 are books, or maybe dreams? Maybe I have E001 and E0011? Sleeping and walking is E002 and E003. Then bears… or ancient stuff? Yeah, the … Continue reading