Do I really?

Do I? I think so…

I like my life! I was walking yesterday, having fun in snow, and it hit me… Okay, in fact the ice ground also hit my butt, and my legs were up, my head, luckily did not smashed… but this thought was still there… I LOVE MY LIFE. It is weird! I mean so weird! People usually don’t say it, right? Usually what I hear is: I hate it, it is depressing, I need a change. And be calm, my life also is depressing – got pills for that, but they are not working too, so… but it still is mine! I made it, I mean this life, I made now, and it is not bad.


Not bad at all.

Of course I can hear you saying: but you can have fun with a poo in nice paper… yes I can, I do! I can have fun with branches and stones, amazing photo makes me dancing! Yup, I am cheap. There is nothing bad in being cheap, right? LOL


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