When I was a kid

Okay, I am still a kid… totally not an adult, okay, I am an adult when I wanna buy ice cream, none can tell me I can not eat it! None!!! Still, when I was younger I was taught that if you take care of things, they will be with you forever. So this is what I do. I take care of things, I am cleaning them, trying not to smash them, being careful… but it is only me. And, I must say it, today all those things are dead sooner than later. It does not matter how careful you are. There is more and more and more trash. And I hate it. For me it is hard enough to get new panties, so when it comes to a laptop – I am dead when it is.


When you are me making things not working, and it is not my fault, is devastating. Learning a new laptop is a pain. Why the heck I can not have one for life? Why the heck all those things are so… “shortliving”?

I cry over every brush, and we must be clear, that brushes destroy really easy, even if you take care of them… I cry over pants and mugs. Just because it is me… Me is so created. To take care… even for things, which are sometimes important too!!!


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