The Fall

The light, the smell and colors. And finally longer nights, less light, but also more of… well how to call it? More of the feeling. Very special. Somehow much more expressing this what we call frighten? But also something rich, something overwhelming…


I am unable to describe this moment before all the leaves turn red, yellow and brown. All I can say: I can smell it!!! In this lovely heavier air, a bit colder, but also in this sun so bright, and colors so vibrant. In this mix of cold and hot, freezing and boiling. In this sky so much closer to me, and in this moon of course. Have you seen the moon last night? How was it?

Me… I was sleeping!!! LOL At least trying, and having weird dreams, and being yucky… me and moon are not a good combine. I mean really. I prefer the dark moon. The total darkness, emptiness… oh yes!!!


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