I choose peace and quiet

I mean really, not only because it makes me scared, because I have problems with people, sounds, and myself. I just choose peace and quiet. I do not want problems, I try to be really careful in everything… and I am recently not that bad in avoiding complications. In closing eyes, not listening…


But sometimes… all I want is to take the hammer, or a saw, or a nice ax, axes are cool, and… kill. Smash all those annoying, nasty people, smack stupidity and foolishness. Those who can not drive, and still take cars, those who are danger on the roads, and those who really want to make me a: muslim, christian, vegetarian, vegan, runner or some other religion/theory thing.

But then my peace and quiet comes back, when I step into the emptiness of my Island with my brush and… breath. She can easily calm me, and in fact she is perfect in smacking nasty people!!! LOL


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