I am a princess

Because why not?

Who said a Witch can not be one! I have my castle and my dragon, or something like that. I had a tower once, but those days are over… I now have my prince and… well we do not have a horse you know, but maybe a blue car counts for one? Maybe? LOL Still, I am a princess. Maybe my crown is more like leaves on my hair, but still, I got it. And long dresses are not good to wander around, so got my pants and big boots…


Still I am a princess.

Why? Because sometimes all I wanna do is sit and cry and wait for someone to save me. Just because I need this option… I need it. It really does not matter, that I can do it. Sometimes all I want to do is… have a servant. For a second. With wings and tail! But also a bit human, you know, magical servant. Nothing normal! LOL

PS. I was working hard yesterday removing grass from my driveway (such law) and of course I got all wet and dirty and smelly, and I figured out something… People post their photos – selfies – when working out, but never when working in the ground. They post selfies of their muscles but not of their dirty hands, full of impressions and dirty fingernails. The real sweat is not fancy, right? We live in a very weird times…


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