For me getting older means… being calmer.

I mean really. Finally after 30 years I started to get it, that I do not have to know everything, I do not have to be able to do… All I have to is to know when to say NO and do it – I am still weak in it. I want to make people happy, and I forget, that it is so easy to be used. So… I know that I do not have to. I know that I can be mistaken and it is not the end of the world and I know that I can be weird. And I can be me. Me getting older. Yeah, we all are getting older, so do not laugh! Look at your kids!

Aren’t they adults already? Or almost? LOL


I am learning me everyday. There is always something new, like do not eat cheese before sleep or go to the bathroom at night, do not be afraid, there are no monsters on the floor!!! Yeah, I know, it is weird because I am an adult. Or more like – I should be? Well, I refuse to be an adult. I just decided I do not have to be one! And what will you do to me? Kill me? Or bring here crosses and try to exorcised me?

Try it!

The whole world is painful when my laptop is on and so much amazing, when I go into the woods, how to change it? Do I have to?


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