Naked naked naked

I live in a place, where you can swim naked. I mean really. Here people do not hide like crazy when have to change clothes on the beach… or swim naked if they have no swimming stuff. Just because… we are free. And in fact, it does not matter how you look under the clothes… This is what I call FREEDOM. Simple freedom. I love watching older couples running together and swimming together. Yes, they also sometimes swim naked. So what?


Naked is not some kind of sin…

Naked is not weird. Nobody stuffs naked parts into somebody else face here… we just can be… naked. I love it! Maybe I am not comfy enough with me being naked, still, but learning slowly, and admiring the amazing freedom of the North. Freedom, which let people go out from work, jump into waves, and come back home… better. Less frustrated. Still… when I am in water, be prepared, my boobs like to jump out. Sooo… just be careful where watching 😉 LOL


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