Rest now!!!

As we all… I need to rest. I love sleeping, I love dreaming but still, I suck when it comes to just resting. Having time only… to be. To let my body recognize he emptiness in the energy drawer and to recharge. But still, I can not. Somehow for me it is impossible just to lie down and rest Do nothing…

Oh my!!!


I try.

I mean really, but there is always something to do, do now, do for later… just because my soul is full of being busy. I was taught that doing nothing is wrong, so even now, when I really think I should go to bed, I write, paint, clean up… create. I totally o not get people who so easily can be… bored. Or just watching TV. Even when I read, I have pieces of paper around me and pencils.


The best thing is cooking and reading in the same time! LOL

And how about you? Are you resting now? Because I got some new brushes and crayons, so… nope!!!


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