The bridge

I have huge fear of highs!

I mean enormous. In fact I am really rich when it comes to fears. But I am also crazy enough to do things, which my scare me, just because there is no NO for myself. But sometimes… I push too much. I had to walk over a huge, build of holes, bridge. It is a strange construction, and there was no other way. I did not want to do it, I was scared in fact, in the middle I thought I will not make it… but I did it. Nope, I am not proud of myself. I see no point in it. I had to do something, what will be my nightmare for ages. See it is okay to know what you are afraid of and do not do it.


It does not make you a coward, it makes you a wise person.

I try to live, breath, do things, to never regret them. And fear is always close to me. I do not have to fight it, I can use it, and understand.


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