Pluto who?

Am I the only person who really does not care about Pluto? Am I? I care about Earth! I do not litter, I plant herbs for bees, put out water for birds, I leave footsteps only… I watch birds, stones, I try to figure out which herbs are good for us, which got to be used with caution. I do not buy crap. I even do not have a phone… yeah… People say that they are so awesome, because they do not take their phones to the bedroom? I mean really? I take there my books and my husband!!!

Yeah. I know. For me civilization is still… a circle. I mean a wheel! Sorry!


Pluto who?

Why is everyone forgetting about Earth!? It pisses me off! Really! Take care of this what you have, do not look above, try to keep woods, there are leaves, roots and barks which can heal you… investigate them! Ask the past about directions! We are not new here! Everything is a fucking circle!!! Everything was, and will be the same!!! Nothing new here… oh maybe this stupidity?! Yeah it is new!!!

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