The woods

I went to the woods.

I mean real woods. Lovely not so old forest with mossy stones, rocks, with all those crazy shapes, sleeping trolls, dwarfs and elves. Pine trees so tall, tiny blackberries bushes… huge ant hills. I mean HUGE! Ant ants not so small too! Up green and blue, paths so thin and curly. In fact nobody else, only me there.

And I did not feel alone! I mean no way!


I was walking, climbing or using my ass to get safely down… and I felt rich! My imaginations grew, my depression was shrinking, my feelings were suddenly correct, and you know what? I do not get it why other people do not just step into the wilderness. It has everything in it. I mean gym, and spa salon and something to make your mind clear, feelings in place. You get sweaty here, you hug trees, and yeah of course you are also something what bugs can try… this is called ECOLOGY people!!!

I step into the forest, I hug stones and everything is okay. I look at huge ants eating my candy, and at lovely mossy woods. I find so many kinds of green and suddenly catch some fresh blackberries. I come back home refreshed, dirty and happy…

And you know what? IT IS ALL FOR FREE!!!

So why people prefer gym?


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