I love black.

Sorry, but I am not good with bright colors, with all those sparkles. My ring is silver with dark blue stone, my fav jewellery is silver, clean, a bit ancient, mystic. Magic. Everything in me is because of something, by a reason. Everything in me is not just by an accident, there is always a purpose, even in my holes in ears. All 26 of them! Plus two which are natural and everyone has them!!! LOL


But black… I love wearing black. It makes me more invisible, more hidden, more… I got no idea why, but I feel save when in black! Well there are some problems when it is hot like now, and all people look like crazy flowers in those colorful dresses and darker skin… and yeah, now I look weird, like a one of those bikes lovers who always wear black jackets… but still all I can wear is black!!!

Dark and deep black!


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