The body

I am starting…

I’m starting to love my body.

Just starting… but more often I feel that it is not THAT bad! Got two hands, two legs, to arms, and only one head! It is a perfect combination! Got eyes, some hair in different places… maybe I can too easily get green sometimes, but still. Usually I am redisch and brownisch and peachisch.


I mean really!

I start to like it, love it, admire it…

And nope, I am not vain, I am in fact short, chubby and not pretty, even ugly from time to time. But still… with age I started to love my body. Just the way it is. With marks and scars, with strange shapes and colors. Because it is not that bad and could be worse. I mean really. We all age we all got memories marked on our skin… I got one scar on my chick. Nasty memories. And one happy, huge on my right side, after some doctors saved my life! It is ugly for some people but for me… it is me.

Only me.

Huge painting, piece of the craziest art. Or just well spend time? Because our bodies are art too. The best! Because able to create!


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