The silence

All I hear about recently are phones… … problems which people got with talking. All I hear is about silence between them. One watching the screen, the other one tapping… I do not see it around. I mean, almost never. … Continue reading


Stop looking for wisdom in foreign countries. Stop looking for health there too. In fact everything here, in this so called mild Europe, is also sacred and amazing. You do not have to look far far far away, do not … Continue reading

The darkness

It is coming really quiet. Slowly covers you, let you finally rest, or comes quickly, suddenly… maybe when you were singing under the shower? I sometimes think that the darkness knows. Knows all our sins, all dirty secrets. Oh my, … Continue reading


Recently I was informed (AGAIN!!!), that apples I had from wild growing trees are not good, because they… got strange shapes! I mean really? People wake up! In a forest all trees are different! On a field or meadow, all … Continue reading

The woods

I went to the woods. I mean real woods. Lovely not so old forest with mossy stones, rocks, with all those crazy shapes, sleeping trolls, dwarfs and elves. Pine trees so tall, tiny blackberries bushes… huge ant hills. I mean … Continue reading