I live on an Island. Amazing, stunning, spiritual and friendly for weird people… but we have tourists. And you know what? I feel sorry for them! I do! Crowds scare me and new people scare me, and too many sounds … Continue reading

Words words words

Pictures can lie. Take one photo with six cameras and you will get six different pictures. But words… words are different, or should be different? Words should not lie!!! Words are very important for me. Different languages, people unable to … Continue reading


Happy Midsummer everybody! Have fun, have sex… wait, now I got to be clear… that you could have sex, you know, the doing not sex as a gender things, you know! Somehow in these modern days all the definitions suck! … Continue reading

The soil

I mean really, and not because I am an archaeologist. And in fact I do not fancy gardens and all this gardening stuff… but there is something in the soil. Therapeutic. You touch it and feel it. This strength, power, … Continue reading


Do you often look in your windows? Or maybe just into the stranger windows? Maybe you wanna see your reflection, or just see what is inside? What if those windows are watching us? What if in fact we are inside … Continue reading