The night

Painting the night is not as easy as everybody thinks. In fact night is not always just a darkness. Night is like life, rich and tricky. Can have strange shadows, clouds, and lights. The Moon is not always the only … Continue reading


Yeah… I bet this is a title which brings shivers and sweats I bet!!! LOL still, all I wanted to say is… I am a married woman. And loving it. This year will bring our 18th anniversary and I just … Continue reading

The past

I love the past. As an archaeologist I can see fun in the past. Monuments, ruins, standing stones. Older means better! I mean really. And now, growing up, getting older, everything new starts to scare me. Sometimes I start to … Continue reading


I can not reward myself. I always hear that people bought something, ate something because of achieving, winning… and I can not do it, why? Why the heck I can not just buy something and change my feelings? Why things … Continue reading


Colors taste… … red is hot, not always sweet, in fact sometimes it is more like acid, like berries, like tiny sins, those always forgiven, but also the best… And blue is a snow for me. Just the snow. Fluffy, … Continue reading

My hands

Well… I always had problems with my hands. Fingers, phalanges, strength inside of a feast. Of course archaeology made it worst. But I do not regret it. Touching the past is the best thing ever. It is like finally getting … Continue reading