It is my fairytale

Well, maybe most of people can not get it…

… but it is my fairytale. My life, my story. So I put here dragons, I even made nests for them, and some devils, lots of trolls, not many elves… only those dark ones. Of course some fairies, because why not? LOL And special places for witches, like Baba Yaga. Those eating kids, and in fact not suiting in this modern, so tolerant world…

… yeah, tolerance. Did you notice that tolerance in the most common stories of the world only touch those famous, or suddenly we got to be tolerant to something what is wrong and evil? Because when it comes to love, so sorry, but there is nothing to be tolerant about. If you wanna talk with me about homosexuality, please do not! Sorry, but for me it is normal. Nothing to be tolerant about. LOL Different shape, skin color? Are you kidding me? People should be different! This is cool, awesome and amazing! And do not talk to me about being tolerant to people with disabilities. I am one of them, and there is nothing to be tolerant about… we are normal! We only need you to be a human being, and help each other! This is who we are, or should be?



… in my fairytale everyone is okay to be. But the most wanted are those unwanted in the other places. Just because… they are much more interesting. So do not stick your nose in my fairytale if you need to change me… come and meet me, do not scream from the doors: why it is so crowded here?!!!

And always bring chocolate! White is also very desirable! Do not tell me that I should paint kittens and flowers, try to understand why I escape from clocks!


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