Calm down!

I hate internet! In fact I hate computers, TVs, phones and watches and clocks! I mean really. As the only person on this whole world, I am not walking everywhere with my i phone. I do not have one and I do not want to have one. For me the hell is a huge table, sitting with family, watching TV, and being surrounded by clocks.

Tick tack, tick,tack, tick tack…

I mean really! Why people care about those social media? What the hell is wrong with this world? Or maybe why I do not care… and I do not care about Game of Thrones (in TV of course, I love books, I adore them, they feed me) either!!! And about shit which recently we have at a cinemas!

I mean really!!!


My new amazing piece by


Check her page, I mean really, wear something unique and amazing, magical and so natural!!! Made by someone who cares!!!


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