I love taking photos. It is so amazing to just stop a moment, or just see things differently. Or just see them, because with my eyes it is not always possible… or just change the world. Make a shadow there … Continue reading

8 of March

I am not girly maybe, but since I can remember (in the old days pantyhose and cloves) this was a funny day. Day when man were doing crazy things, and ladies felt different. You could get flowers from a stranger … Continue reading


Do you believe in fate? In this power of connecting people and objects, places and souls? In this something whispering, always being able to change your life, always pushing, or maybe just tipping? For me… fate is something mythical, but … Continue reading


Nobody gets me when I say that here, on this tiny Island I have everything. I have trees and bushes, fields and roads, lovely cottages and even mansions. I have here beaches, all kinds of them, and amazing coast line. … Continue reading