Me – wife

Yeah I am so many in one person.

Short one. But the most awesome thing is… I am also a wife. Yup, not so much modern me! I am old-fashioned wife. I love my Husband, I need him, and in fact I am still crazy about him and we are together… 18 years!!! And you know what? I love being a wife. Love all those crazy things which are stick to this word. Being cranky, having someone to follow with a pan… or well to love. You know marriage is a hard job, very hard, simple, old-fashioned pan is hard too!!! LOL


Sometimes I really thing I am not crazy, I am only normal… But also an artist, how the hell my Husband deal with me I got no idea! Really. Those artistic wives are the most weirdest. Example? Me under shower, and he behind the doors writing down ideas, or sometimes stories, because I will forget… or catching the right color… or telling me: I saw your painting, there in the sky…

I love my Husband!!!

But I am a very weird wife! So thankful he is still with me…


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