Old or older?


… we all are getting older with every day, every hour… second even. So what? Yeah I am not looking like teen years ago, but… I am still me, and I start to learn myself, even teach myself sometimes, like there was so many persons in me, one crazy, one smarter, and one relieved. I start to like myself, or sometimes even love myself!!! Time shows me, that it is important to like me. Because it sucks when there is nobody who likes you. And if you like you, soo… everything is okay!!!


I put myself in every painting, strangely unable to be in fact somebody else, so it is not something big. Trust me, I tried. As a younger person, I tried to be someone who someone else wanted me to be. To make them like me more, or even love me… I was good in it, but felt bad. So bad, that I decided to leave those who wanted me to be somebody else. But I needed time to trust myself – a bit – to be me, and not always saying sorry for it. Not apologizing. Not doing this what someone wanted me to do… not being a shape, a shadow of someone. I needed time to grow up, to understand, that I can not care. That it is okay not to worry for everybody else and not me…

Being older made me… free. So maybe we do not get older with time, only a bit more free? With every year we are stronger!!!


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