I am a lady

What’s wrong with me?

I am a lady, or at least I wanna be. I do not have fancy dresses, but I got my manners, when someone is watching, not when I am alone, still… I just think men should do the hard, heavy jobs! Yup, I am that kind of lady. Of course I can kill a spider, fix the roof, but I prefer not to… I prefer to call my knight!

I am a lady!!!

This means I will wait until that guy will open me that door, I will expect that. In these so called modern days it takes ages!!! Believe me!!! But I am a lady! I assume man will always carry my bags. Just because I am not a men, because I am smaller and in fact made to be cherished!!! LOL I am a lady, that crazy being who really comes from a strange place, but who also will make you laugh. Will make you see something different in this known world. I am fragile, and it is good, of course I pretend not to be, but I am. I cry a lot and I do not like to paint my face like other ladies, still… I am one. Always waiting for a knight. It does not mean I am stupid and love soap operas… see we ladies are different like apples from one tree. Not that GMO stuff you know. Normal tree…


And I can not pee when standing… and remember being a lady does not mean, I do not change into whore sometimes! Especially for my knight! Because when a lady falls in love, she does it to the end!!! She can kill for her men, she can bite, spike, she can even poop on someone…

I recently heard that I AM NOT civilized. That being a lady, a really woman, is not POSH and FANCY. It is not NORMAL. Really? Only because I know who I am? Because I have boobs? And believe in fairytales? And expect guys will act a bit more like humans, when I am there? See… if your so called civilization do not treat women right, like fucking princesses, I do not want it!!!


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