Being free

Yup I am poor. Yup I got no bag from LV or boots-pumps from Manolo Blahnik… or other stuff. I smash my eggs with my hands, do not use crazy plastic stuff to separate yoke from white…

I have no fancy car, in fact I use my feet, and I wash myself with, well not important… I do not paint my face and I hate restaurants, huge markets and cities. And I can not afford for so many things, but usually have time to see leaves on branches. I can dream, I love to sleep and imagine strange stuff, I can write, I love reading, and in fact do not fancy new. For me new means a good toilet! I mean clean, white with a nice flush… and a bath, I wish to take a bath one day again!!!

Yeah, I am so poor, that… I am rich!!! Because if I find a stone on the beach… it is all mine!!! Made for me!!! Only!!!


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