She, she and she…

We all are them.

The young and childish, the mother so always tired, and the old one. But somehow I skipped the middle one and always was a mix of a kid and the old witch. And you know what, it works for me. I was never fancy with kids and too female stuff, I was always too old for them or too young. However it sounds, this is me. Crazy witch. With my own world, my own customs, believes and gods…

See… magic is simple. And believing in something in fact means only that feeling, not showing off with it. So I may be not a Momma, still I am well trained for being a nasty old neighbor. With a cottage made from sweets!!! LOL

PS. Is it with guys too? I mean the boy, Daddy and Grandpa? Or they are always ouur cute boys? How do you think?


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