Power and success

My Husband says I am a nightmare for all those creating adds apps and commercials. Really. Because I always ask: why and what for. The same thing is when it comes to power and success.

I never needed more power. Never dreamed about being worshiped or crowned. In fact maybe this last could happen once, but still it was only about the dress and prince. Never wanted to be the chief, director… I just do not see me there. And success… for me it is when a day was good, and well spend, and full of fun, smiles, and maybe cool shaped stones found on the beach. When the weather is windy, still sunny, and leaves are dancing and I can breath all that inspiration, and take photos, and dream and have ideas and… Just be in the forest or by the sea… discover simple life of tiny bugs, birds and plants… Oh my, I am a nightmare.

So… am I really that boring? LOL


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