I am just impossible. I know how people can work, I am aware of how free can they feel, but me… no way. I am again not like others.


I just can not wast even a tiny smudge of my paint. I can not let myself to threw it out. Vanish. I just can not. I need to use every tiny bit of every used color. It is like this idea of not wasting anything possessed me! Or maybe it is just… well I never was rich. Even in this a bit normal way, so I have learn to cherish everything. To use everything. For me this what so called ecology teaches is… nothing new.

IMG_0955 (2)

But I need to learn to let myself be a bit more free in this… Just because without it I can not paint!!! Like I am teaching myself to threw out things… because we need place for new. And sometimes it is just so revealing.

IMG_0940 (4)

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