Keep calm and listen

Really. Recently everything is harming someone, everything is racist… everything, what was my childhood now is “child molesting”.

I worked hard, as a kid I was planting forests, working in the field, in the garden, doing all this stuff… now it is taking childhood? Are you all kidding me? I love Pippi Langstrumpf!!! And “Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn”… and now those amazing books teaching as that imagination is everything are… racist? Harmful?

Are you all kidding me?


I can not live in this world. It is just too… sad. Too slave like. You all let the others tell you what is black and what is white, I can not be a part of this… So I created my world. On a tiny Island. Talk to me if you wanna know, but be prepared that if you wanna meet me in person, I will run away. See…

I am wild!

I do not have TV to tell me how to live. I eat stuff from the meadow, and believe in strange things. I am savage even! And loving it!!! But when you talk, I will listen, because for me you all are a fantasy. Strange thing… I will listen, but stay shut, because me is me, and me is important for me only, I am aware of that! So do not expect me to straighten your paths. I will not do it. I am not a teacher, I still learn, I am not a master, still I let myself believe in this Island and… me.

Still I may be shut and quiet, still do not take it as my own stupidity. Usually those who are quiet, are those who knows their ways.


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