What about the past?

The past is always here…

… it created me somehow. It made me who I am, but… even when it sparkles in my art, in my thoughts and passion, I wanna leave it. I need new now! I need something to build, not just cry over the ruins of the past.


I need new.

I need even more ruins, I mean new ruins, new colors, new shapes, flavors, aromas, thoughts, pictures and new memories. I need… This is what autumn does with me. Makes me all crazy. All those shapes here, for most of you it only creates sad thoughts. For me here are stories of the rebirth. I do not know how, but I never think like the rest of the world. In a fallen leaf I see life and new stories.

Me… me weirdo? Me who decided to leave the past where it was… in the past…


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