Sometimes I am just stopping and asking myself: where the hell are you going? And you know what is the answer? Usually the silence! Because even I, the weirdo got no idea where I am going, running, rushing myself…


But today I stopped. To see something amazing. Beautiful and meaningful. Something created for me… created by Czapla Art!!!

You know I love feathers… well as a crow you know, it is normal. Still my Husband not so much… not so fancy about them. But once upon a time he found a tiny feather when moving the lawn and brought it to me, all smiley, and made me so happy… I wanted to keep this moment forever, so Czapla Art studio came and said: I will help you to keep it forever and she really made it!!!
Look how cool it is. She made it safe, but still flying, somewhere between surfaces still dancing, still free… with all those air baubles so amazing!!!
I am so moved!!!
Thank you so much!!!

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