Gloomy time

I love it! Yeah, I am one of THAT crazy people who love when it is cold and gloomy, when it rains and when winter comes… when it is really freezing and windy I love to run away, and dance with a snestorm!

With my butt naked!!!


In fact when I woke up today it was still dark, and wet. Heavy clouds all around me, amazing, full of funny shapes… oh my it could be so much fun to stay in bed if not that nasty FLY!!!

Still trying to kill that bitch!


Well… at least I found few awesome stones recently. A tiny green heart, from a stone which I call blood and grass, and a very fancy crystal like, labradorite like, moss agate like… precious just precious precious!!! Maybe it came from Finland, or just from this place here on my Island, where we also have some labradorite effect!!!


How do you make it, my awesome Island, that here is everything I dream about… that when I ask it just appears… How?


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