Horror vacui

This is internet… and it sucks. I just do not get it. Now we have times where I can not say: I hate, I dislike, I have another way of thinking? I do not have TV so maybe it was forbidden to think…


Still, I do not go to a page or a profile to write: you are ugly and you are an ass… or something so brilliant like this. I do not have time for it, but if I love something be ready I will pop and tell you this! I will send you a smile or a heart, because we all are so busy, but still I want you to feel better.


So why people prefer to stuck the world with hate, their own so called wisdom which is only about: I am right, you are not… This is a new kind of horror vacui. The need of keeping the blank and empty spaces full.


I do think I should sometimes say something, but my psychiatrist told me not to do it, and because now I am one, I am screaming it to myself. Because there is no need to talk to much about nasty things, to show off… better go and plant something! We need plants! Trees are awesome and herbs! And more useful than stupid talking, and showing off who has a bigger dick!


The problem is… I was taught to listen and smile, so I am like always fucked up!!! Hate that old-fashioned way of raising kids! It is just too good! LOL

Still when it comes to art… I am usually in a horror vacui mood with colors! Somehow the one color thing scares me… Still it also shows how I try to color everything. Even those tiny boxes with no lid! I think with little hangers they can be cool gifts!


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