No purpose.

We are human beings, this mean we create pieces, which are suppose to be something for our souls, thoughts… not exactly having purpose. This may make you feel dizzy, or happy or sad in one time… art can make you feel rich or poor, but in fact, there is no purpose in it. A painting can help you get up everyday, or just cry, when you feel you need to, and everyone in fact tells you – be strong and smile…


Art is something more than just a purpose… This piece will not help you to move the lawn or make dinner… just simple nothing…

… so why we need it so much?!!!

Art in fact does not make us fancier or richer, or just richer in all those crazy aspects of “inside richness”… But purpose? No way, no purpose here. I can’t even make my tea with my brushes, still can stick them in my ear when it itches!!!


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