More more more

All these days are about more and more and more… more to see (the problem is people only see TV), more to have (but only plastic from China?), more to do (still nothing to much, and it got to have label on, got to be fancy). More is not bad. More is good. More to learn is awesome, more to experience, more to meet…

… more to discover.

More is just more.

So, why I feel bad with more? Is there something like enough? Is it bad not to desire things and fancy moments? From the heck which planet I came?

Mythology of an Island – The First Rainbow – Something what nobody knows.
The First one appeared in fact unnoticed! In a tiny drop of a fresh water. Just jumped there, a nice, tiny, too short to be called adult a ray… piece of the light. And woke up something, maybe a forgotten soul, maybe a leftover of a heart, who knows what love is… maybe… something more, what shined for a moment, and then came back to its abyss!

Maybe one day will comeback?

Magic included!

This what You can see on this painting – is only Yours.

Made on Bornholm!

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