My name is Nobody

I prefer to call myself Nobody. It is so much easier to disappear, to not have a common name or a definition. It let me to be everyone and everything… and not to be seen in the same time.

It is complicated, of course. I could call myself so many names, but what does it mean to be a scientist, and artist, pagan, wife, witch, crazy person… I struggle to be me. So maybe it is better to say: My name is Me?

In the old days it was normal… someone was a teacher, and I knew: he finished schools, was trained, working, maybe bored, but still. Now? Everyone chooses a name the most fancy: an artist, a blogger, a fashionista… What the hell it means? That you have just lust to be for a moment someone? Is it true? Or just a moment… is it the same, what someone is doing for ages with passion? Struggling?

So better call me Nobody…

PS. I love Ennio Morricone!!!

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